Christopher Stone

Project: Stone Steps on the Alpha Point Trail at McConnel's Mills State Park

For my Eagle Scout project at McConnel's Mills state park, I worked on building multiple stone filled steps along the Alpha Point Trail. The trail was a mixture of rock and mud. It was unsafe due to noticeable erosion mainly caused by water runoff from up the road. The project entailed the construction of multiple 6" x 6"s (ground treated lumber) to act as a frame for 2a modified gravel infill. Additionally the project included the repair of a railing adjacent to the steps and filling older steps below the work zone. The project had some major hurdles including the transportation of gravel, the installment of wooden steps via rebar through rock, and the prevention of future erosion damage. The steps made a large improvement over what was there as the steepness of the hill lead to potential falls and injury to hikers.

Before and After

Before and After

Work Crew: Dick, Joe and Tom from the North Country Trail Association and Mitchel Ray

Completed Project