Frequently Asked Questions


Where does the Troop meet and how often? Are there attendance requirements?

Troop 743 meetings are held at the First Alliance Church in Neshannock Township, PA every Monday, from 6:30pm-8:00pm.  Attendance is never a requirement, but you will only get out what you put in, so we encourage attendance for your Scout’s benefit and advancement in the Troop.

How many boys are currently in the Troop? Are you actively recruiting Webelos?

The Troop currently about 15 Scouts.  Our Troop structure is ideal for adding new Webelos.  We generally have a new scout patrol start mid February.  The patrol has a troop guide, an older scout as an initial patrol leader, and a new scout assistant scoutmaster.  The goal is to have the members of the patrol reach 1st class within 18 months.

What if my son is not old enough for Scouts BSA?

Our chartering Organization also has a Cub Scout pack. It is for children in grades K through 5.  You can get all the information you will need at www.pack743.com.

What are the financial obligations - registration, dues, other? Fundraisers?

The annual Troop dues are currently $72/year.  There may be additional expenses for outings. Costs can be offset by fund raising including the annual popcorn drive, and another one or two opportunities during the year such as pancake breakfasts, and hoagie sales.  Your ideas are always welcome.

Each new scout that pays the registration fee will receive a Scouts, BSA Book, Class B Troop 743 T-shirt, and Troop neckerchief. Uniform shirt, shoulder loops, Troop 743 numerals, and Scout belt are the responsibility of the scout. 

What is a Scout Account?

Each Scout may open and maintain an account with the Troop Treasurer to deposit funds for use towards camp fees, camping equipment or  other scout related expenses. Funds earned from Troop fundraisers will be deposited into the Scout’s account in proportion to his participation and responsibility.  To check the balances for your scout, contact the treasurer.

Does the Troop participate in Journey to Excellence?

Troop 743 was a Quality Unit, a standard we have held since our inception. It is our goal to continue this trend with the new Journey to Excellence Award.                                                                            

How many Scouts have earned Eagle Scout rank? What is the success rate of scouts initially joining to earning Eagle Scout?

Since our inception in the 1930's as Troop 43, with subsequent iterations as Troop 743, there have been 140 scouts who have earned their Eagle rank. The success varies, but is said to be very high compared to other Troops. Our goal is to provide several growth opportunities for each and every Scout. Scouting is for life, and our primary objective is to raise young adults of great character.

Can you tell us about your programs? What camp-outs/outings do you do? Summer Camp? On the whole, what kind of activities are emphasized?

We have a history of regular outings, camp-outs, hikes, backpacks, annual Summer Camps that are all age-appropriate. What makes our Troop stand out is our commitment to serve others. 

What is the philosophy on field uniforms vs. activity uniforms?

Most activities require field uniforms (Class A). The only time we use activity uniforms (Class B) are when we are outdoors and active and we don’t want to soil our uniform. The Scout uniform represents youths that are growing, learning, and serving others. Each Scout should have an appreciation for their uniform and know that they are representing others when they wear it.

Are new Scouts mixed with existing patrols that have experienced boys or put into a new patrol?

Every Patrol is as unique as the Scouts that make it up. Generally, new Scout Patrols are filled with the new scouts along with a select few older scouts to help guide them on their journey to First Class. We also have an active subset of older boys who have attained the rank of First Class or higher.

What is the youth to adult leadership ratio?

Currently, we have a Scoutmaster, one or two Assistant Scoutmasters per patrol, and a host of Committee members…in ratio to 28 Scouts.  We believe that the boys should lead their Troop! This does require the help and facilitation of the adult leadership. We encourage as much parent involvement and leadership as possible.

How active are the parents of the Troop? What are the expectations/requirements of new parents? Are there more men or women leaders or a combination of both?

Parents are always welcomed and encouraged to participate. Ideally, the guidance of the Troop should be represented by all the parents…more hands make light work.  Every parent has been equipped and gifted with specific talents. We embrace those unique qualities and encourage the parents to share those gifts and serve the Scouts accordingly. This may come in the form of direct instruction (Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmasters), training/education (Merit Badge Counselors), leadership (Committee membership), and general assistance (everything else!).  We have about an even split of men and women leaders.  

How active is the Troop?

As you can see from our website, we are active and will continue to be that way. This will always include a variety of trips, outings, with a goal of high adventure camps like Summit Bechtel, and Sea Base.

Tell us about your advancement program.

Troop 743 offers a variety of education, skill building, advancement, and leadership opportunities year round. We have a new scout program that is designed to take the incoming class of scouts to first class within 18 months. The advancement program for the older ranks depends strongly on the scouts. The troop will support the efforts of the scouts and we have a life-to-eagle coordinator to help with the earning the Eagle rank.

The troop typically has a monthly theme that ties into a skill set required for advancement or a merit badge.

Is the Troop boy-run or adult-run?

Troop 743 is boy led!  The adult role is to proved the support and advice needed to make the scouts' program successful.

How active is the Troop at District and Council events? Roundtable?

Troop 743 attends Camporees (District), and Webelos Camp (District) in addition to other events as they occur. Various adult leaders attend monthly Roundtables for many training opportunities as well as provide a plethora of information to be used by Committees and Scouts.

When could we visit a Troop meeting?

We would love for you to come as soon as possible! Please refer to our calendar for specific details and contact our scoutmaster to confirm availability.

Board of Review (BOR):

What is a BOR?

A periodic review of the progress of a Scout is vital in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the Scouting program in the unit. The unit committee can judge how well the Scout being reviewed is benefiting from the program. The unit leader can measure the effectiveness of his or her leadership. The Scout can sense that he is, or is not, advancing properly and can be encouraged to make the most of his Scouting experience.

Not only is it important to review those Scouts who have learned and been tested for a rank, but also to review those Scouts who have shown no progress in their advancement over the past few months.

The Board of Review is not a retesting of requirements - the Scout has already been tested on the skills and activities required for the rank. However, the chairman of the Board of Review should ensure that all the requirements have been signed off in the Scout's handbook. Additionally, the chairman should ensure that leadership and merit badge records are consistent with the requirements for the rank.

The Board of Review is a time to determine the Scout's attitudes, accomplishments, and acceptance of Scouting Ideals. Scout Spirit is defined as living the Scout Oath and Scout Law in a Scout's everyday life. The board should make sure that good standards have been met in all phases of the Scout's life. A discussion of the Scout Oath and Scout Law is in keeping with the purpose of the review, to make sure that the candidate recognizes and understands the value of Scouting in his home, unit, school, and community.

What does a Boy Scout need to do to prepare for a BOR?

· Complete the necessary requirements for the rank and have them signed off.

· Complete a Scoutmaster conference

· The Scout should contact the Advancement Chair to set up an appointment.  A Scout is not scheduled for a BOR unless they have personally communicated with the Advancement Chair to confirm the appointment.

· Look through your rank requirements to review what you did to complete them.  Also make sure you remember your Scout Oath, Scout Law, Outdoor Code, Scout Salute, Scout Motto,  Scout Slogan.

When do the BORs happen?

They will happen ‘as needed’ when scouts complete their rank requirements.  Generally we will try to make sure we are available twice per month. We typically conduct them at the same time and place as the troop meetings.

What should a Scout wear to the BOR?

The scout should wear their complete Class A Uniform. This is the khaki shirt with all patches indicated by the Scout Handbook, neckerchief and slide, Scout pants & belt, Scout socks.  No sash is needed until the Star rank.  They must also bring their scout book with him!


What is the tent policy?