6. Scout Language

Scout Language

This page will help you AFTER you sign your son up for Scouts.  So glance it over for now and remember it is here for you later... 

If you are new to scouting you will be exposed to "Scoutspeak".  (It’s kinda like when you go to a party and everyone there is a computer programmer except you.)

To help you decode “Scoutspeak”, here are a few handy-dandy definitions:

Scout’s Life

A Scouting magazine for boys to help broaden their horizons in Cubbing.

Boy Scout or Scouts, BSA

A Boy Scout or Scouts, BSA is between the ages of 11 and 18 and belongs to a troop. He or she advances through these ranks: Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, then Eagle.

Boy Scouts of America (BSA)

The Boy Scouts of America is a nationally chartered organization that encompasses Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and Venture Crews

Buddy System

One part of the Safe Swim Defense. Swimmers of like ability are paired. Check in and out of the water together and stay within 10 feet of each other during the swim. It is also used on other Cub Scout activities for safety reasons.


Formal permission from the Boy Scouts of America allowing a pack to organize

Chartered Organization

An organization that sponsors the pack. Monthly meetings are usually held in a building owned by that organization. Our chartered organization is the First Alliance Church on Mission Meade Drive.

Chartered Organization Representative

An adult representative of the group or organization that currently holds the BSA charters. Reports information to and from the chartered organization and the Pack. Mr. Stone is our Chartered Organization Representative


A volunteer Scouter who works with packs, troops, and crews to help the unit succeed.


This is a group of adult volunteers who “run” the Troop. Any interested adult is welcome to attend Committee meetings

Committee Chair

The adult leader of the troop committee. Provides the motivation and direction to the committee to get the troop program implemented.


A geographical are, made of up districts for administration of the Boy Scout programs. We are part of the Daniel Beard Council.

Den Chief

A Scouts, BSA who helps direct the activities of a cub scout den.


Each council is divided into a number of districts.

District Executive

A professional Scouter who is responsible for the achievements of the district.

Fleur de lis

International Boy Scout Emblem. Also used by New Orleans football team. Some Scouters even have boxer shorts with this on them.


Friends of Scouting. Donations to support the camps, materials, special events, and the professional coordinators who help make Scouting possible.


A form of cheer, along with Growls, Whoops, and the Disco Mosquito cheer; all done to show appreciation of Scout skits and stunts in place of mundane old “PTA applause”. 


Person who gives an hour each week (or more) to help scouts grow to be young people of character. Sets example by giving back to the community.


Semi-chaotic gathering of scouts where much fun and some learning happens, usually helped along by Scout Masters, Assistant Scout Masters and Grown-ups.


Order of the Arrow. An honor group of Scouts who give cheerful service helping others learn to enjoy the outdoors. Arrowmen also present dramatic and exciting ceremonies at campfires and special awards meetings.


Unknown concept.


Someone who may or may not have children in Scouting, but just really loves the program and gets satisfaction from helping scouts grow into productive adults.


Available in many varieties to help everyone Do Their Best to be a good leader. Fast Start, Basic, and Youth Protection are common types


Most anything you’d never think of. Juice can lids and tissue tubes, bits of string, wood, packing peanuts, wheels, marbles, frosting containers, and whole bunches of stuff tha make great craft supplies!


What a scout wins every time they do something they really had to try at, even if they do not go the fastest or highest or whatever.

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